The registration widget editor

Once you widget has been created you'll be taken to the widget editor. The editor is separated into 3 sections, the toolbar, the settings panel and the preview.


The toolbar has icons for performing general tasks like saving the widget, adding a new block (see below), accessing the editor settings, exiting the editor and accessing this help document.

Settings Panel

Settings are split into groups, and each group has one or more settings. You can change any of the settings in a group and see the changes in real-time in the preview pane.

Preview Pane

The preview pane shows you a real-time preview of what your widget will look like on your site.

General Settings

Before you can save your widget you'll need to give it a name and choose a webinar that this widget will be associated with.

Layout Settings

Layout settings let you set the background color of your widget as well as the max width and any padding or border options.

Error Messages

Display as Popup


Widgets are made up of multiple blocks, for example text, countdown timers, buttons, input forms. These blocks make the design of the form. You can add as many blocks to your form as you want.

A typical widget might have a text block to show a title, a countdown timer, input form and an action button. Each block has its own options that let you customize its look and feel.

Adding new blocks

You can add blocks to your form by clicking on the + bicon in the toolbar, this will add a new block to the end of the form. Alternatively you can insert a new block above an existing block by selecting the existing block and clicking on the + icon to the right.

Then choose the block type you want to add and it will be added to the form

Deleting Blocks

If you want to remove a block just select the block's options in the sidebar and click on the trash can

Reordering blocks

Blocks can be moved up and down the form by using the up and down arrows in the blocks options.

Next Steps

Let's take a look at the the different block types.

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