Getting started with registration widgets

Registration widgets allow you to create fully customisable registration forms to your existing pages. They can be embedded directly in your page using short-codes or can be shown as a popup when a visitor clits on a button or link. Key features include:

  • Fully customizable with real-time editor
  • Embed in your existing pages
  • Show as a popup when a visitor clicks on a link or button
  • Times are in the visitor's timezone
  • Show visitors a countdown timer to increase urgency
  • Replace default webinar registration page with your custom page

Getting Started

Note: Before you create a registration widget you'll need to create at least one webinar. If you haven't done that I recommend you check out our Configuring your Webinar section then come back here when you're ready.

Creating a new Widget

Once you've created at least one webinar you can create your first registration widget by clicking on the 'New Widget' button on the top right of the page. This will show you some pre-created widgets that you can chose as a template for creating your own template.

Select one of the templates you like and click the 'Create Webinar' button. Don't worry if you don't like any of the templates, you can edit all aspects of the widget in the editor.

Editing an Existing Widget

To edit an existing widget click on the edit icon next to the widget you'd like to edit.

Cloning an Existing Widget

You can make a copy of an existing widget by clicking on the copy/clone icon next to the widget you'd like to copy.

Deleting a Widget

To delete a widget click on the delete icon next to the widget you'd like to delete

Adding a Widget to your page

When you've finished editing your widget you can add it to your page by copying and pasting the shortcode into your.

Copying and Pasting the shortcode

1. Click on the code icon next to the widget you'd like to add.

2. Click the 'Copy to Clipboard' button

3. Paste the shortcode into your page using the your page editor.

Next Steps

Now you've know the basics of the registration widgets let's take a look at the registration widget editor.

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