Creating a popup registration form

With registration widgets you can create a webinar registration popup that's shown when a visitor clicks on a link or button. If you haven't already created your widget see the our quick start guide.

Create the button or link on your webpage

The first step is to create the link or button on your webpage using your theme builder or page editor. When you create the link you need to give it an ID or a class name that WebinarPress can use to find the button or link later on.

You can use any name you like as long as it is not separated with spaces, good examples include 'webinar-popup' or 'webinarpress-registration'. See your theme's documentation for the exact details on how to create the button or get in touch and we'll do our best to help

Enable the 'Trigger on Click' option

From the sidebar select the 'Display as Popup' menu and then check the 'Trigger on Click' checkbox.

Enter the CSS selector

If you set a class name in step one then enter it into the CSS Selector box below with a period in front. For example if you chose 'webinar-popup' you should enter '.webinar-popup'. If set the ID of the link or button in step one you should enter that name prefixed with a '#' for example '#webinar-popup'.

Save the registration widget

After saving your registration widget you should be able to refresh the page that has the button or link and see the popup in action.

Note: If you are using a caching plugin such as WP SuperCache or WP-Rocket you should clear your cache after saving the registration widget.

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