Automatically register attendees with a link you can use in emails

From WebinarPress 2.19 you can automatically login or register an attendee with a link that can be placed on your website or in an email campaign so visitors don't need to manually enter their name and email.

To get started you first need to enable the feature for your webinar in the general settings tab:

To create an auto-registration link you just need to take the webinar URL and add the following query parameters

For example if your webinar's URL:

Example URL: Green&[email protected]

If possible you should URL encode the name and email fields to avoid issues with special characters in the attendees name or email.

Recurring Webinars

When registering for a recurring webinar you can specify the day and time of the session to join using the following two optional parameters.

  • session_day
    • Day of the week, i.e. session_day=tue
    • Date in the format YYYY-MM-DD, i.e. session_day=2021-01-21
  • session_time=10:00

The the session_day and session_time parameters should be in the timezone of the webinar, not the timezone of the attendee.

Note:If you don't provide a day and time, the attendee will be registered for the next available session.

Example URL: Green&[email protected]&session_day=tue&session_time=10:00

Additional Options

You can disable email notifications to both admin and the attendee by adding the  disable_notifications parameter.

  • disable_notifications=1

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