Automated Webinar with a pre-recorded Youtube video

You can use a pre-recorded Youtube video and use it as your webinar source. If you have uploaded it to YouTube, you don't have to worry about bandwidth because YouTube is hosting the video.

Copy the youtube video URL and paste it on the WebinarSetup’ page of your webinar. Make sure the webinar source  is configured as ‘YouTube (Pre-recorded video)’, and save your settings.

If you are planning to show the pre-recorded video file, then we would suggest to activate the 'video autoplay' functionality and don't show the controls.

Start your broadcast automatically!

If you are using the pre-recorded file for a live webinar, then you will need to set the webinar status to “Live” in WebinarPress manually, so your attendees will be redirected to your Live page (as soon as you are ready) and can see what you are broadcasting.

If you are using the pre-recorded file for an automated/recurring webinar then you won't have to do anything. WebinarPress will switch to the right webinar page when it's time to start the webinar.

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