Setting up the webinar live page

In order to set up your webinar live page, click on the Live Page tab in the Webinar Settings menu. The Live page tab consists of six sections: General, Host & Description Box, Question Box, Live Chat Box, Tab Layout, and Incentive Box.

In the General section, you can select the Title color, Background color, upload an image, select your webinar type, view your video or image URL and toggle video auto play on/off.

In the Host & Description Box section, you can select your Background color, Border color; tick the Show Host Box if you would like your Host Box to be shown. You can also select your Host title background color, Host text color, tick the Show Description Box if you would like your description box to be shown, select your Description title background color, Description title text color, and Description text color.

In the Question Box section, you can tick or not tick the ‘Show Question Box’ to show or hide the question box on your webinar live page. You can also select your Background color, Border color and the Title text color for your webinar live page.

In the Live Chat Box section, you can toggle on/off the Show Question box button as well as select a Background color, Border color, Title Text color and, toggle on/off the Show Time-stamps button.

In the Tab Layout box section, there are two sub sections; Question box Tab and Chat Box Tab. In the Question box Tab section, you can add a Title, select Tab title text color, Tab background color, and Tab border color.

In the Chat Box Tab section, you can select a Tab Title text color, Tab background color, and a tab border color for your webinar Live page.

In the Incentive section, you can select the Background color, Border color, Toggle on/off the ‘Show incentive’ box, add your incentive title,  select Title text color, Title background color, and add content to your incentive box.

When you are through setting your webinar Live Page preferences, click on Save Draft or Publish to save your changes. You can then preview your Live Page by clicking the preview page button in the upper right corner of the webinar settings menu.

After clicking the preview button, another page will open allowing you to preview your changes. Your preview should look something similar to the illustration shown below, depending on what your preferences are.

Please Note: When it is time to start your webinar, you will need adjust your webinar status to ‘Live’ on your Live page.

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