How to create a paid webinar with WooCommerce

Want to offer paid webinars in your own WordPress website? Then this integration is for you!

We have integrated WebinarPress with WooCommerce, which offers you a broad choice of payment methods and other third party integration. You can create paid webinars for a live webinar or automated webinar, it’s your choice!

Before you can create your paid webinar, you have to activate the integration with WooCommerce on the WebinarPress settings page. You will see a switch on the 'Payment Processing' tab. Activate this.

If WooCommerce isn't installed or activated yet on your WordPress website, you will receive a notification reminding you to do so. Otherwise the integration won't work.

After activating the integration you can set your webinar to "paid". Go to the 'ticket' tab of your webinar settings and activate the 'paid webinar switch'. It will automatically copy the title and description of your webinar and use it to generate the WooCommerce product (which your attendees need to buy to get access to the webinar). Of course you can adjust the text. Finally, set the price for the webinar and update/save the page.

WebinarPress will automatically create the product for you and enable the registration to your webinar.

After the attendee completes the purchase they will be sent a welcome email with their unique link to login to the webinar.

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