During the webinar: Raising Hands

During the webinar, you can give your attendees the possibility of raising their hand. The raise hand icon is an indicator that someone raised their hand and responded to your question for example. There are lots of different ways to use this feature. For example, you want to know if your audience can hear you loud and clear. 'Please raise your hand if you can hear me'.

If the 'action box' is activated/shown on the live page, then attendees can see the 'raise hand' icon. If they click on it, the icon in your control bar will turn red.

This is the indicator that someone raised their hand. If you hover over the attendee counter, the attendee list will open. You can see who is online, and which person raised their hand.

If you want to lower the raised hand(s), then click on the hand icon in your control bar. The red color will disappear and all the hands are lowered again.

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