During the webinar: Live Chat

When you are using the Pro version, you can make use of the live chat functionality which let you interact with your attendees. You can show or hide the Live Chat in real-time.

Your attendees have access over a switch which let them choose to send their message in public where everyone can see it, or send it in private which only you as a webinar host will receive and see then within your message center.

You can adjust the colors of the live chat box to your own design, but you will have to configure this before the webinar starts otherwise your color adjustments won't be visible. You can do this in your webinar settings on the 'live page' tab, by opening the 'Live Chatbox' section.


In this section, you can also configure if you want to show timestamps in your chatbox or not. We would advise deactivating the timestamps if you are setting up an automated recurring webinar.

Deleting chat messages

If someone is trolling the chat during your webinar you can easily delete the chat message in real-time by hovering over it. A red mark will appear behind the chat message. If you click on it, the message will be deleted. It's also possible to delete chat messages from the backend of the site. Go to the 'chat logs' submenu page, and select the webinar of which you want to adjust the chatlog for. If you delete a message from the backend, it will delete the message on the frontend webinar page in real-time also. If you want to delete the whole chat history of that particular webinar, then click on 'clear chat'.

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