During the webinar: Attendee list

During the event, you can see who is attending your webinar live. In the control bar on top right of the live page (only viewable for the webinar host) you will see an icon with a counter. This counter gives you an indication of the amount of people who are actually on the live page. If you hover over this counter, the attendee list will appear, where you will see the names of all the attendees who are logged in.

Your attendees won't be able to see the counter, attendee list or the control bar. Only you as a webinar host will be able to see and control this.

After the webinar, it's possible to see which of your attendees actually attended the webinar and who did not. You can see these stats in the attendee list from the particular webinar on the backend of the website.

Don’t see the attendee list after hovering over the counter? Then you aren’t using WP WebinarSystem Pro, but our lite version. Make sure to buy a license for WP WebinarSystem Pro to make use of all the extra functionalities our Pro version has to offer.

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