Getting started with WebinarPress Pro

In this brief video we'll take a look at setting up your first webinar using WebinarPress Pro.

What have you loaded the software for, I assume you want to give webinars on your website so the first things to decide are:

  • Do you want to show a live webinar i.e. you will be live for the event and effectively talking directly to your audience?
  • Prerecord your webinar and screen it at a particular date and time.
  • Set up so a pre-recorded video is broadcast and many times per day and/or many days.

If you are going to show a pre-recorded webinar then you need to record one that you are happy with and make a note where you have it on your drive or the URL if you have it on youtube.

To actually start setting up your first Webinar you need to go to the WebinarPress plugin in your Dashboard:

Then select New Webinar on the left-hand sidebar or the New Webinar button on the right of the page. 

You will get the new webinar setup page:

This is the Webinar setup screen for setting up a new webinar and gives you a number of options. Firstly type the Title of your webinar and a brief description then scroll down until you see this:

Choosing the Webinar Type

The first thing you need to do is decide on the type of Webinar you are going to be running. There are 4 choices:

  • Live
    •  This is a live webinar with you or the speaker sat in front of the camera and microphone talking directly to your audience.It is the only live one all others are pre-recorded.        
  • One Time
    • This is a one time webinar, it is a prerecorded video and does not repeat. 
  • Recurring
    • This is webinar that will start at the same time every day at a specified time or times i.e. your video webinar could run every Tuesday and Thursday and at 15:00 and 19:00 (or more if you wish.
  • Just in Time
    • This is a webinar that starts every ā€œnā€ minutes i.e. the webinar will start every say 60 mins or maybe 30 mins. I will then start to run at that interval every day you specified
  • Right Now
    • This is just what it says, The webinar will start as soon as you have it set up, it is instant.

We will look at them one by one, leaving the "Live" option until last as this is by far the most complicated and involved process.

One Time

Add the date and time of the webinar. 

Below that is the Time zone, this refers to the time zone that the webinar will be presented in, its usual to leave this as default as that takes the time of your computer/server.

After that enter the duration of the Webinar. You should know this from the video you have made.

Specify the source of your video by clicking on the down arrow below Webinar Source:

If you have it on YouTube (Pre-recorded video) then enter the URL of the video or maybe the location of your file. 

Push the green Save & Publish button   


Choose which days you want the webinar to run and at what time, you can add more times per day if needed.

and again choose the Webinar Source and URL

Just In Time

This is very similar to the Recurring except it allows you to specify an interval between the screening of the webinar. See below:

Right Now

Again same in all ways to the previous ones (Recurring and Just in Time) but runs immediately you have entered everything


See screenshot below:

You enter the date and time of your Webinar, then the Timezone (if its different that the default) and the Estimated Duration.

You now need to choose the source of the Webinar, this can be from the 2 choices YouTube Webcam or other encoder/OBS.

The full instructions as to how to set this up can be found here:

If you are using YouTube then instructions can be found here:

If you are going to be using OBS then instructions can be found here:

Setting up to Charge to attend a Webinar 

If you intend to charge for people to attend a webinar the you need to look at the final section shown below:

You will notice the warning note in Red and this meant that you have to go back to the WebinarPress settings page then the Integrations tab (shown below)

Push the slider  to enable WooCommerce and then Save Changes and when you return to the webinar setup page the red notice will have been removed and you can push the slider to enable charging as per below: (see note below)

Just add the price below that and your good to go.

Getting WooCommerce up and running

Go to the Plugins, Add New then search for Woo Commerce until you find the one below

Install the plugin then activate

You will then have a number of screen asking questions, fill them in with the information required then you are ready to go.

Screenshots of some of the screens:

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