Override the webinar cache location

With more complex WordPress setups you might have multiple web servers you might want to share the webinar cache files across all nodes so that an update on one server updates the cache for all servers. Or you might want to host the cache files on a different domain all-together.

To do that you'll need to implement the following two WordPress filters in your WordPress theme or in a small plugin.

function wpws_get_cache_path($path) {
  return '/var/www/html/path/to/your/cache/folder/'; 

function wpws_get_cache_url($url) {
  return 'https://yoursite.com/path/to/your/cache/folder/'; 

add_filter('wpws_get_cache_path', 'wpws_get_cache_path'); 
add_filter('wpws_get_cache_url', 'wpws_get_cache_url');

The first filter (wpws_get_cache_path) tells WebinarPress where to write the cache files and the second filter (wpws_get_cache_url) tells the front end where to download the cache from.

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