Broadcasting Live with Youtube Live

Broadcasting Live with Youtube Live is only available in the Pro version of WebinarPress. 

While creating a new webinar you will have an option to select webinar source where you will have to select YoutubeLive just how it is shown in screen below.

. If you wish to know more about - How to Enable embedded live streams from YouTube - Click here

Once you enter the Webinar room you will see below screen.

You will have an option to enter your Live URL and you will be seeing links to Setup youtube webcam - which will take you to your Youtube Channel and Set up Encoder will also take you to your youtube channel. Documentation will lead you here - click here.

If you don’t want your livestream to be publicly broadcasted on Youtube, then select ‘unlisted’, otherwise just leave this option on ‘public’. DON’T use the ‘private’ option, because only you as a logged in user will have access to the output of the broadcast. Your viewers won’t see it in this case. Save the changes with the blue button on the bottom of the page.

When you are done with the basic info, go to the ‘advanced settings’ tab to check some settings.
Make sure the ‘ allow embedding‘ option is selected, so you can play the stream within your WebinarPress webinar page.

Copy the link of your Youtube Live and paste this on the ‘live page’ settings of your webinar. Make sure the webinar type is configured as ‘Youtube Live’, and save your settings.

Start your broadcast!

If you have placed the URL of your Youtube Live stream in WebinaPress, you can go live.
– Start your broadcast from your computer with your encoding software (don’t forget to record the stream to your computer if you want this. Depending on the software you are using, it can be done automatically or you will have to configure this manually)
– As soon as you are ready, you also need to set the webinar status to “Live” in WebinarPress, so your attendees will be redirected to your Live page automatically and can see what you are broadcasting.

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