Reminder email: one hour before webinar

You can opt to send different reminders or notifications. You can enable or disable them separately at their respective option pages. Use the on/off switch for this.

When this reminder will be send

Each of the reminder emails have a similar structure that you can adjust. After you configured if you want to enable or disable the specific reminder, you can insert a subject text for your reminder email which will be send 1 hour before the webinar starts.

You can add content to the message to send to the receiver of the mail. If you wish to add a picture or file from your media library press the add media button, just like you would do on a normal WordPress page or post.

Preview of the email

You can send yourself a preview by typing your email address and pressing Send Preview. When satisfied with your mail click Save Changes to finalize the process. If you wish to start over you can press Reset Default Template to bring it back to the default content.

Load the e-mail content to your language

If the content of the e-mails aren't automatically loaded to the language of your WordPress installation, then you should click on the 'reset default template' first before adjusting the email content. This will load the content to your localization (if there is a language file of WP WebinarSystem available in your language).

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