E-mail options

In the email options, you can configure the appearance of your reminder emails.

You can send reminder emails at different intervals through the settings menus of WP WebinarSystem. Go to the tab called 'Emails' to setup the e-mail notifications and reminders.

General e-mail options

Under Email options, you can set the general options which are used to style and send your emails. The sender options are what will be depicted when the mail shows up in the mailbox.

You can add a header logo to the top and add some text to the footer. Finally, you can change the colors of the email content by selecting a color. Click on the color palette to choose the color you like, or add the html color code in the color palette window that matches your branding.

Enabling and disabling reminder emails

You can opt to send different reminders or notifications. You can enable or disable them separately at their respective option pages. Use the on/off switch for this.

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