Setting up the webinar replay page

If you want to adjust the 'Replay page', then go to your webinar settings menu, and click on the 'Replay Page' tab. The webinar replay page consists of the same sections as the 'Live Page', but has it's own settings as show in image below.

You will be seeing 2 options which you can use per your preferences.

1) Enable or Disable replay 

2) Duration of time as in how long the webinar replay will be available.

The webinar Replay page will be shown if:
- The webinar host has set the webinar status to 'Replay'
- The webinar is automated (so not Live).

The Replay page allows your attendees to view the webinar later at their own convenience, or during the time that the webinar isn't presented live.

When you are through setting your webinar Replay Page preferences, click on Save to save your changes. 

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