Setting up the webinar countdown page

In your webinar design Section, click on the tab Countdown Page & then click on launch visual editor. This will open up a page with 2 sections 1) Content & 2) Countdown Timer.The webinar countdown page will keep you abreast with the days, hours, minutes, and seconds leading up to the time of your webinar.

In the content you will be able to set the background color of the whole countdown page. In this tab,you can enable & disable webinar title, you can  configure the color of the title, tagline and description. You can add more description and format the text. You can enable & disable the video/image section using which you can insert video from sources like youtube, vimeo, mp4 file & image from library.

At last there is a switch to show the countdown timer or hide it. When activated there will be a timer which is counting down till the webinar starts.When you are through setting your webinar Countdown Page preferences, click on Exit and then Save save your changes. You can also add script tags in body. For e.g. Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel etc.

Below is an example of how countdown page look like.

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