Description of the webinar status

Each webinar has 4 different statuses. Visitors will see the page that belongs to the status, after they have signed up via the registration page.

Countdown: When the countdown status is activated, the visitor will be redirected to the countdown page, after he has been through the registration process.

Live: When the webinar status is “Live”, registered attendees will be redirected to the live page where the webinar is given. The webinar host needs to adjust the webinar status manually during a live webinar. When the webinar is automated, the system will automatically take care of switching the status and showing the related webinarpage.

Replay: If enabled in the settings, allows attendees to view the Replay page.

Closed: Your webinar has been closed and is unable to be viewed. Visitors will see a message that the webinar is closed and will receive a link that takes them to the homepage of your website.

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