How to create a live webinar

You can create a new webinar in two different ways:

– Via the submenu by clicking “New webinar”
– On the webinar overview in the upper left corner by clicking on the “Add New Webinar” button.

This will take you to a new detailed page for your webinar. 

On this page, you can configure everything around your webinar. First of, start with adding the following information so your webinar will run smooth on the front-end:

The title of your webinar. This title will show on all the webinar pages and notifications.
The description of the webinar. This will show on the registration page. It’s also possible to show this information during the webinar itself and the replay, but you can choose also not to if you prefer.

The webinar host. Here you can input the name of the webinar host. Are there more presenters, or are you working with a co-host for example? Then you can add multiply names by separating this with comma’s. If you use more than one host name, there will be a new sentence below the webinar subtitle on the front-end.

Below the basic information, you will find the webinar URL and the webinar settings if you scroll further down the page. You can edit the slug last part of the webinar URL.

The webinar URL box contains the link to your webinar. You should send this link to your attendees so they can register for your webinar. Make sure to copy/paste this webinar link. You will be able to view your webinar URL after clicking the "Publish" button.

Please note: When saving your webinar as draft, your webinar URL will create a draft link and won't be visible to your visitors. Only use the URL which is shown AFTER publishing your webinar.

You will define the date and the time of your webinar. By default, the Webinar plugin will use the timezone in which your WordPress website is configured in. If you would rather use another timezone for your webinar, then you can adjust the 'timezone annotation'. Also you can configure the estimated duration of the webinar.

You can select the webinar source here or you will be asked the webinar source URL in webinar room. Some times it will be pre-recorded videos or it can be a live link for e.g. Zoom live meeting link.
You can choose whether its a free webinar or paid webinar.

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