The webinar overview

When you click on the submenu “webinars”, you will be taken to the webinar overview.

In the webinar overview, you will see all the configured webinars with the information like webinar title, status, total registrations,  total questions and messages & clicking on any of the number shown in specific section will take you to the particular section. 

You have 3 dots on the right hand side for every webinar, clicking on which below options will be shown. 

Edit Webinar : Brings you to the webinar details page where you can edit the settings of your webinar.

Visit Registration Page : This will bring you to the registration page view so you will be able to see this as attendee.

Access Webinar Room - This will take you to webinar room.

Attendees : This will bring you to list of attendees.

Questions: Brings you to the ‘webinar questions’ screen for that particular Webinar.

Messages - This will bring you to the list of messages.

Duplicate: Makes a copy of the webinar.

Delete Webinar :  This will delete the webinar.

Status: the current webinar status (this could be Countdown, Live, Replay or Closed. You can read more about it further in the documentation)

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