Integrate with Aweber

You can use your own mailinglistprovider with WP WebinarSystem Pro. To integrate Aweber, first go to the settingspage of WP WebinarSystem and click on the 'Mailinglistprovider' tab.

Authenticate with Aweber

To make a connection with your Aweber account, click on the "configure" button.

You will be redirected to the Aweber website where you need to login and give access to our WP WebinarSystem integration. After you have given permission, you will see the webinar settingspage of WP WebinarSystem again with the following two buttons now. This means the authentication is successfully set up,

That is all there is to it. Now that you are all set, you can connect one of your mailinglists to a specific webinar.

Connect a mailinglist to a webinar

Edit one of your webinars which you would like to connect to Aweber, and go to the "Mailinglist" tab under your Webinar settings. Simply click on Aweber, and all your mailinglists will be shown. Select the mailinglist you would like to connect, and you webinar subscribers will be added to your list automatically after registration.

Prevent info@... addresses

Unlike other mailinglistproviders, Aweber does not register info@... e-mail adresses.
So we have added the possibility to disable it from our webinarplugin also. If you check the "prevent info emails addresses" option, there will be a notice for people who are trying to register with an `info` address. And they will be asked to sign up with another e-mail.

If the option is unchecked, then people with an info@.. address willl be registered for the webinar AND will be shown in the attendee list in the Webinar plugin. But they won't be added to your Aweber mailinglist. So the choice is yours.

Double opt-in

When people are added to your Aweber mailinglist, they will go through the same process like normal people who are added to your list. So if you have a double opt-in enabled, then subscribers to your webinar will receive an email to confirm their address, before being added.

Revoke access

If you want to disconnect your Aweber account from the WP WebinarSystem plugin, then go back to the settingspage of WP WebinarSystem and click on the 'Mailinglistprovider' tab again. Click on "revoke", and you will disconnect your Aweber account from this WordPress installation of WP WebinarSystem.

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