Integrate with Mailchimp

You can use your own mailinglistprovider with WP WebinarSystem Pro. To integrate MailChimp, first go to the settingspage of WP WebinarSystem and click on the ‘Mailinglistprovider’ tab.

Here you will be prompt to paste the API key from MailChimp so the webinar plugin can authenticate with your Mailchimp account.

You can find your API Key on your Mailchimp account page. Go to 'extras' and click on "API Keys" in the submenu.

Create a new API key by clicking on the "Create A Key" button, and copy and paste this to the webinar settings page.

Dont forget to save settings after you have checked the API and "looks great" message

Connect a mailinglist to a webinar

Edit one of your webinars which you would like to connect to MailChimp, and go to the “Mailinglist” tab/ Simply select 'MailChimp' in the dropdown menu, and all your mailinglists will be shown in the second dropdown menu below the first one. Select the mailinglist you would like to connect, and you webinar subscribers will be added to your list automatically after registration.

Double opt-in

When people are added to your MailChimp mailinglist, they will go through the same process like normal people who are added to your list. So if you have a double opt-in enabled, then subscribers to your webinar will receive an email to confirm their address, before being added.

Revoke access

If you want to disconnect your MailChimp account from the WP WebinarSystem plugin, then go back to the settingspage of WP WebinarSystem and click on the ‘Mailing List provider’ tab again. Select your API key and delete it. After you have saved the page your Mailchimp account won't be connected with WP WebinarSystem anymore.

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