During the webinar: Call to Action element

During the webinar, you have the ability to show and hide a 'Call to Action' element. You can choose from a button or text field. For example: With the button, you can redirect your attendees to your shopping cart, and by using the text field you can embed an application form for your program or workshop. The goal of the 'Call to Action' element is, to make it easy for your attendee to take the next step. Even when you are not around, and the webinar is automated.

You can adjust the styling and content of the element to your own needs, but you will have to configure the 'Call to Action' BEFORE your webinar. You can do this on the settings page of your webinar. You can find the options in the 'Call to Action' section within the 'Live page' or 'replay page' tab, depending on the page you are adjusting.

When the box is configured you can activate and deactivate it in real-time. Use the 'Call to Action' icon in the Control Bar to make this happen.

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