During the webinar: Private Question Box

Your attendees have the ability to ask private questions during your webinar. This can be done through:

- The live chatbox by activating "private" switch
- The 'Question Box' which only gives the possibility to ask private questions.

To activate and show the question box to your attendees, click on the question box icon (the question mark). It will light up red which means the box is activated.

During your webinar, you will have access to the message center which is located in the control bar. All the received private questions are listed in here. The 'message center' icon will light up red when you receive a question from one of your attendees. When you click on the icon, the message center will be opened. The message center is a window containing the private questions you received.

If you are conducting an automated webinar, but still want your attendees being able to interact with you, then activate the question box. Your attendees won't see each other's messages, but they will be sent to you. In the settings you can configure your e-mail so, every private question will be forwarded to your inbox. You can find this option in your webinar settings in the "question box" section.

The private questions are saved in order for you to view them later at your convenience. You can find a log on the "webinar questions" submenu of the plugin.

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