Integrate with Drip

You can use your own mailinglist provider with WP WebinarSystem Pro. To integrate Drip, first go to the settings page of WP WebinarSystem and click on the ‘Mailinglist providers’ tab.

Here you will be prompt to paste the API key from Drip so the webinar plugin can authenticate with your Drip account.

To obtain an API Key, log into your Drip account and go to the 'User Settings' page.

On the settings page, go to the "User Info" submenu, which will bring you to the section where you can find the credentials you need to make a connection with WP WebinarSystem Pro.

First, copy the generated API Key which is marked within the red box on the example screenshot above. Paste this API key in the field in the WP WebinarSystem settings which says "Drip API Key".

After you have pasted the API Key, click on "check" to verify if you have the right Drip credentials. When you do, click "save changes". When you receive an error icon, then please check if you pasted a valid key in the right field.

Connect a mailinglist to a webinar

Edit one of your webinars which you would like to connect to Drip, and go to the “Mailinglist” tab under your Webinar settings. Simply select 'Drip' in the dropdown menu, and all your accounts will be shown in the second dropdown menu below the first one.

Select the account you would like to connect to this particular webinar, and your webinar subscribers will be added to the subscribers list of this account automatically after registration.

Next to adding your attendees to your Drip account, you can also add them to a campaign. Select the campaign you would like with the dropdown menu with the label 'Drip Campaigns'. If you don't want to add subscriber to a campaign, then choose the option 'Do not add subscriber to campaign'. The user will only be added to the subscribers list of the chosen Drip account then.

Double opt-in

When people are added to your Drip account via WP WebinarSystem, they won't have to confirm their email-address like they would normally do with a double opt-in. There is no need for a double opt-in when visitors are added to your Drip campaign when they have registered for your webinar.

Revoke access

If you want to disconnect your Drip account from the WP WebinarSystem plugin, then go back to the 'settings' page of WP WebinarSystem and click on the ‘Mailinglist provider’ tab again. Select your API key and delete it. After you have saved the page, your Drip account won't be connected with WP WebinarSystem anymore.

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