How to Conduct Webinar using Jitsi Meeting (Jitsi as a Service)

This guide explains how to leverage your Jitsi Meeting JaaS subscription for hosting webinars within WebinarPress

Benefits of Jitsi Meeting JaaS Integration:

  • Streamlined Setup: No need to manage separate Jitsi server instances.
  • Enhanced Security: JaaS provides a secure and reliable connection for your webinars.
  • Potential Cost Savings: Depending on your usage, JaaS might offer cost-effective benefits.


  • A Jitsi Meeting JaaS subscription.
  • WebinarPress plugin (Free 1.33.17 or above and Pro, version 2.27.4 or above)


  1. Create and add descriptions for your webinar as you regularly do.
  2. Select “ JItsi as a Service” as your webinar source. 
  3. There will be a field named “App ID”, you will have to get it from Jitsi as a service dashboard. 

  1. Copy the App ID and paste it into the App ID field on WebinarPress. 
  2. That’s it, you can start your webinar directly from WebinarPress.

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