Custom Registration Fields

Normally it was only possible to ask your visitor for their name and email when they register for your online event. But with the WebinarPress Pro version  you can add

  • custom text fields
  • custom phone number fields
  • custom checkboxes
  • Custom Dropdown 

to your webinar registration forms. This functionality isn't available in the free Lite version. 

You can find this option in Advanced section in webinar settings.
You will see the 'Custom Fields' section.

Click on the field you want to add, and you can configure the field with the text you want to show to your registration form visitor. Create as much custom fields as needed, there are no limits.

Adjusting positions or remove a custom field

If you need to adjust the position of a custom field, then click on the 'three horizontal stripes' and hold it to drag the field to another position. If you need to delete a field, then click on the red cross. After confirming, the custom field will be removed. Don't forget to save your settings for you to see the custom fields on the registration page.

The result of our example form in action:

See user input or export data

Of course you can see the input of the fields on the attendee list, and export the data to a CSV or text file if needed

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